About Us

PUH Sowińscy is one of the oldest Polish companies in the down and feather industry. For the last 20 years, the Słowińscy family have been involved in trading down feather. The company’s headquarter is located in Ślesin near Konin, Poland.


The company deals with processing both Polish and imported down feather of all kinds. Each year several tonnes of down feather are processed by the company and the readymade products are further sold in the EU and worldwide alike.


The raw material is dedusted and sorted into separate groups by LORCH machines. Next, the feather is washed in biodegradable washing agents.

Once the process is done, the products are ready for shipping.


  • Goose and duck down feather, both white and grey
  • Goose and duck half-down
  • Down/feather mixes
  • Recycled/renovated feather
  • Decorative feathers

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